Sagewash can be used everywhere that is washable and literally "Turns Water into Magic"

Easy to Use Simple & Effective Sagewash Valve System, helps to reduce costs for occasional users of the Sagewash Systems.
Includes 2 Sagewash Sanitizer Tablets with storage tubs, hose connector, and wall bracket as well as instructions for use.
Sagewash Sanitizer: The World’s No.1 Dog Area & Kennel Cleaning & Sanitizing System
Sagewash Cleaning Systems allows the user to clean, sanitize, disinfect to ensure complete safety.
Sagewash Systems are designed to save time, money, labour and reduce the use of aggressive chemicals but remain effective at killing bacteria and viruses.
The Sagewash Sanitizer Professional presents a balance between simplicity and sophistication in continuous flow disinfection that has resulted in immediate acceptance by a varied group of users operating in a broad range of industrial, public and private sectors.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Animal Care sector including: Dog rescue & dog boarding kennels, cat rescue centres, horse stables & yards
  • Patios & outside dining areas - decking, waste rubbish storage areas, wheelie
  • Food Service & Hospitality - amusement parks, food concessions
  • Supermarkets - deli & butchery areas, food delivery and warehousing
  • Restaurants - delivery areas and kitchens
  • Agriculture - farms, diary, fishing ports, transportation vehicles & crates
  • Bird Flu
  • Wet Leisure - swimming pools, shower & changing areas & toilet facilities

Must be used in Conjunction with Sagewash Sanitizer Tablets


Sagewash is trusted worldwide to sanitize, deodorise eliminate urine smells, kill bacteria, viruses & mould, and eliminate mildew.
Safe, and affordable will save you time and money. No mixing and no rinsing required long-lasting tablets that last over 2½ hrs continual spraying.
Can be used on artificial grass, gravel, concrete, wooden decking, block paving and even natural grass areas.
Kills parvovirus, MRSA, E-coli, coronavirus & many others.
Biodegradable, eco-friendly, plant safe, and saves water.
The dog and animal areas can be occupied immediately after cleansing without further washdown or quarantine periods.
Sagewash can also be used on patios & outside dining areas, decking, refuse and waste rubbish storage areas, wheelie bins.

NEW Sagewash Sanitizer Valve System Starter Pack including 2 Sagewash Tablets

Cost: £155.00

NEW Sagewash Sanitizer Valve System Cost Effective Spraying System (NO Tablets)

Cost: £130.00

Sagewash Valve Spraying System Combo Pack with 8 Tablets

Cost: £195.00

NEW Sagewash Sanitizer Trigger System
 Starter Pack including 2 Sagewash Tablets

Cost: 180.00

NEW Sagewash Sanitizer
 Trigger System (NO tablets)

Cost: 155.00

NEW Sagewash Sanitizer Trigger System
 Combo Pack with 8 Tablets

Cost: 220.00

Sagewash Sanitizer Tablets Bucket of 8

Cost: 70.00

Sagewash Valve (fits all standard Sagewash Units) Replacement for Trigger Assemblies

Cost: £30.00

Sagewash Heavy Duty Adjustable Spray Nozzle (Chrome)

Cost: £25.00